We have really loved having the Spacetalk watch. Our 12-year old has been able to have some independence from us while remaining within our view through the App. On the weekend he was able to go for a bike ride with his friends to the skate park; I kept an eye on the App and phoned him when it was time to come home. We've found it more useful than a mobile phone which always gets left in the bottom of his bag and can't be heard ringing. Our school pick-up arrangements change all the time and I love being able to send him a text message confirming what's happening at pick-up. In addition to the amazing safety features, it is great to be able to communicate with our son at all times. Unlike other mobile products which we have used, Spacetalk works perfectly in our rural area. Spacetalk has been a great addition to our household and I would recommend it to any family.
Rebecca - Tanunda SA