Children and Smartphones. There are alternatives!

There has been a lot written in the media of late about smartphones and children.  When is the best time to provide your child with access to smartphone technology?  How do you monitor them whilst they are on the phone?  What apps and services do you limit them to?  How do you teach them responsibility around use and amount spent?

Smartphones are a great tool, they help find information, keep in touch with people and entertain us with access to the web and all the distractions associated with that.  People use smartphones to keep them occupied by playing games and using social media and just killing time. It almost appears there is nothing that your smartphone can’t do.

According to more than one in five children under the age of 12 owns a smartphone.  Parents are providing children with this technology so they can keep in touch and contact their children at any time.  We live in an increasingly hectic society where parents are time poor and often juggle so many social activities for their children that being able to contact them and make or change arrangements is crucial for the smooth running of the family unit.

Keeping children safe is paramount but a smartphone might not be the only solution. There are other options out there that allow parents the ability to keep in touch without introducing the distractions and possible addictive behaviours that can exhibit with smartphone usage.  AllMyTribe Spacetalk smartwatch is a product that parents should consider.  It allows contact with your child without the addictive distractions of the internet.  Calls are limited to a parental approved list and this includes both making and receiving calls.  There is an SOS button that will alert set contacts that your child needs help.  This smartwatch is about safety, not about distractions and apps.

While some parents may feel that they are intruding on their child’s privacy, the AllMyTribe smartwatch is a great compromise. This smartwatch only allows contact from selected people, has no apps or games with in-app purchases and is sturdy and robust for the outdoors Aussie lifestyle.  It allows the user the freedom to explore the world and gives parents the confidence to let their children grow and develop the necessary independence that will help them in later years.  Children with this watch - as opposed to having a smartphone - will develop social skills and not necessarily gain exposure to the constant need for validation that comes with apps like Facebook, Snapchat and other messaging apps.

When it comes time for a smartphone, parents and children will already have laid the groundwork regarding usage with a product that is safe, with the progression to smart technology your children should be equipped with the necessary tools to handle the adult situations that are common with smartphone usage.  The AllMyTribe Spacetalk smartwatch is a perfect compromise and lead in to the more serious conversations that will need to happen with this increasingly digital world.