Expert Customer Support at AllMyTribe

Expert Customer Support at AllMyTribe

As a software engineer working on the Spacetalk smart watch and the AllMyTribe server platform, it's been a real pleasure to talk to many customers and hear their feedback as they set up their new devices. To those who have already purchased Spacetalk, thank you. I sincerely hope that the device provides lasting value to you and gives you some additional peace of mind.

I thought I'd write a little about what I've observed over the past months, and in particular after Spacetalk launched in October.

When you call or email AllMyTribe, you get to speak to an actual human being. That person is one of a handful of people, including myself. Everyone of us have been directly involved with the design and technical creation of the product, and therefore, have a deep understanding that comes from experience. This translates into an ability to help you straight away with a minimum of fuss. On technical support are the actual engineers that have written the AllMyTribe platform code. Where else do you get that level of service?

During the hardware development phase, my colleagues and I personally drove to several hand-picked Telstra "black spots" to confirm that the 3G network reception was up to standard, even in remote areas. In some cases, our test devices performed as well, and sometimes better than a mobile phone, which was frankly quite amazing given the tiny wristwatch form factor of Spacetalk.

AllMyTribe also spent a considerable amount of time and expense getting the Spacetalk watch properly certified by ACMA, the Australian government body that regulates electronic device compliance so that they can be legally sold in Australia. This is not really anything to brag about, given that it is a mandatory step before a product is offered for sale in Australia. Nevertheless, beware of cheaper, competing products that do not bear the "RCM logo".

My summary: It takes more, in fact much more, than simply importing a cheap product and selling it for a low price in Australia to create a product that is designed for safety, security and privacy for children. You need excellent customer service, a deep knowledge of the product, relentless attention to detail on security and privacy and, dare I say, some kind of desire to make a difference beyond simply pushing product out the door.

I look forward to developing a personal relationship with as many customers as possible, and listening to their feedback in order to make the AllMyTribe platform and Spacetalk even better.

Customer Reviews

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Great Watch Safe and sound

Great product to keep kids connected while giving them independence, love it easy to set up easy to use for Mr 9 year old .Also unable to connect to the web or be contacted by anyone not in the contact list are fantastic features.

Great tracking and communication device

Easy and practical device to use that is extremely useful and appropriate for kids.


Thank you my daughter loves it n I'm less stressed on her safety


It is a very good device, i have peace of mind d knowing where my child is.

Awesome -Expect to pay a little bit extra

Awesome watch. Son loves it.
Don’t forget to include the sim cost and the app purchase for tracking. So an extra $30 a month for the use.