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Live from Mobile World Congress 2018

Live from Mobile World Congress 2018

Sitting in the cavernous conference hall of the Mobile World Congress 2018, listening to the leaders of global communications speak, I sometimes wonder what I am doing here.

Barcelona is a long way from Australia, but the long trip is worth it to hear first hand, the best ideas from the smartest people in my industry. It was at MWC2014 that the idea germinated for the AllMyTribe Spacetalk all-in-one child locator, mobile phone and smartwatch.

At MWC you see the best ideas going around, both at start-up level and at the mature stage where a company has grown from humble beginnings to a multi-billion dollar business. It's at MWC that you learn about the impossible becoming the possible.

And that's important when you are a $9 million company listed on the ASX with a great and ongoing business...but you want to grow. AllMyTribe and Spacetalk are MGM's growth engines, building on the success of our ground-breaking software for school attendance and child security. Using those same principals of security and protecting our kids at school, the company has built Spacetalk, based on relationships developed at MWC, the ultimate melting pot for those who dream about better communications and connectivity.

We meet a multitude of chip makers for our watch. We meet antenna makers, industrial designers, battery specialists...the whole box and dice. These are the companies with the hardware and the production capability to build our product. Then there's our own engineers back home who build our systems and our amazing App, the heart and soul of Spacetalk.

As I sit listening to the heads of companies speak, like Ericsson, China Mobile, Docomo, Red Hat, BT, and Vodaphone, I start to think the impossible can become the possible. As I see the success of adult smartwatches, forecasts of multi-million unit sales happening today, I am greatly encouraged that our Australian designed Spacetalk, with industry leading security and privacy, has a real opportunity to grow MGM Wireless into something much bigger. My team and I can truly see why there are forecasts that smartwatches for kids, while not as big as the adults market, are enough to justify our significant investment in our home-grown watch and the software system that drives Spacetalk. Sure there's a risk in breaking out into this exciting space, but roaming the halls of MWC, meeting and greeting prospective clients and suppliers at our stand, I know we have the capability to meet these challenges and work through issues.

Get your child a Spacetalk watch and you'll see what I mean. Spacetalk enables better communications between family members. We provide the technology to help parents feel safe about giving kids simple freedoms, like riding a bike to school to take just one example where Spacetalk works wonders.

We like to dream at MGM Wireless and we love it when our dreams become reality.

Customer Reviews

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Gayan R.
The best way to keep in touch with your little once..👍😀

One of the best things that I purchase for my 8 year old son is this GPS smart watch.
It's hard him to have a mobile phone to take school and classes. Mobile phone would be difficult to use and very easy to loose for this age.
Since he got Spacetalk watch, I can contact him when I needed and track with GPS his locations.
Now I'm much more peaceful than ever as I can contact my son when he is out of the home.
And he also loving it !! 😍😎


Love it great to keep in touch with my 11 year old if running late after school or she has scooted.

Peace of Mind

Excellent for my child, we always know where she is, and she can contact us anytime. And only used a $10 per month Sim card.

My daughter loves it!

Great gadget! Easy for her to use and I able to check her location while travelling and what part of the school where she is.

Kelly R.
love the watch

we love that my little one can play and call me when needed that we can see where he is at all times it has given him confidence and takes away the stress the alarm feature helps remind him its time to come and when to do daily tasks he has his older siblings mum and dad programed in and can call us all at any time its afordable and he loves tracking his steps his only wish is that he wishes he could wear it swimming so maybe down the track they will have updated version with this feature for active kids i have recomended it to many mums in my life and online forums i am a part of