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Location on Demand feature: Now available on the AllMyTribe app

Location on Demand feature: Now available on the AllMyTribe app

App Update July 9, 2018.

The AllMyTribe team are excited to announce a much-requested new feature to SPACETALK watches.

With the new ‘Location on Demand’ feature, parents can now find the geographical location of their child ‘on demand’ by simply pressing a button on their AllMyTribe app. Previously, only the child’s historical location was available, as SPACETALK reported location updates periodically in intervals ranging from 5 to 60 minutes.

Using Location on Demand is very simple. You can find this new button at the top right of the map, on the child's location tab, in the AllMyTribe app.

Tap it and the AllMyTribe app will start scanning for your SPACETALK watch. In moments, you will have the most up-to-date location of your child.

Battery Life Tip

With the new ‘Location on Demand’ feature, users have the ability to significantly improve battery life. Currently, SPACETALK typically operates for between 12 and 24 hours on a single battery recharge. By changing the location update settings on the SPACETALK watch from 5 to 60 minutes for example, testing shows battery life extends to well over 48 hours with normal use.

Remember that more time will pass between automatic location updates. If you are using Safe Zones, you may want to keep the location update interval at its default value of 15 minutes or lower. Trial different settings and find the combination that works best for your needs.

Usability Improvements

We have also made changes in the AllMyTribe app to make the things you use everyday even easier, like combining the "last updated time" and "battery status" readings into a single status bar on the child's map screen. A new button allows you to quickly recentre and zoom the map on your child's location, if they are far away from you.

School Mode is also easier to set up. We've included a better explanation of how to select which SPACETALK functions are disabled while School Mode is active. 

AllMyTribe is committed to continually improving the user experience of our SPACETALK watch. Our goal is to provide simple and safe products that enable families to remain connected.

To take advantage of all these fantastic new features, be sure to update your app using the links below.



Customer Reviews

Based on 648 reviews
Dody A.
Simple cute smart watch

Bought this for my daughter couple months ago. This Spacetalk is a simple smart watch that match with what we need to keep us connected with our daughter during school or extra class after school. Worth for money considering the quality of this smart watch. My daughter was picking very quick how to use it and explore its menu/function. She loves the colour (blue) and keeps using it all the time away from home.


Love the watch makes me feel so much safer knowing I can contact my son.

Peace of mind.

This is an amazing watch, the only negative I would give it is the battery life. I wish the battery lasted a little longer. I hope this could be improved in the future. This watch gives me peace of mind knowing my son can call me and I can call and track him.

Kids enjoying

It's a great watch and my kid is surely enjoying it.

Louise S.

This little device has revolutionised our lives!
We've had it about 3 weeks now with no issues