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March 2019 AllMyTribe app Update

March 2019 AllMyTribe app Update

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After listening to your feedback it has become very clear: SPACETALK is too good to keep to yourself!

With this in mind, we’ve now made it easy to share your child's SPACETALK with the people you trust, without having to share your login details.

To get started, a new trusted user needs to download and install the AllMyTribe app, create their own unique account and then follow the steps below.  

There is no extra subscription necessary!

Step 1 

Go to the left-hand-side menu and
select ‘Add Device’.

Step 2 

Enter the phone number of the SPACETALK watch
you would like access to.

Step 3

When asked if you would like to send a request
for access to this device select ‘OK’.

Step 4

A request will then be sent to the account owner who can then approve or deny access to SPACETALK.

Step 5

As an account owner, you can approve or deny any sharing request you receive through your AllMyTribe app.

Step 6

A successfully shared SPACETALK will appear under the ‘Shared Devices’ section of the left-hand menu.


Once approved you can take advantage of all of SPACETALK’s great features – call, text, set a safe zone, start Reward Stars, get location updates and even check the weather! 

This feature adds a great layer of convenience to the AllMyTribe app, eliminating the need for you to share your login details with other trusted people; which we know can be a hassle!

This new feature is available from AllMyTribe app version 3.14.

Customer Reviews

Based on 648 reviews
Dody A.
Simple cute smart watch

Bought this for my daughter couple months ago. This Spacetalk is a simple smart watch that match with what we need to keep us connected with our daughter during school or extra class after school. Worth for money considering the quality of this smart watch. My daughter was picking very quick how to use it and explore its menu/function. She loves the colour (blue) and keeps using it all the time away from home.


Love the watch makes me feel so much safer knowing I can contact my son.

Peace of mind.

This is an amazing watch, the only negative I would give it is the battery life. I wish the battery lasted a little longer. I hope this could be improved in the future. This watch gives me peace of mind knowing my son can call me and I can call and track him.

Kids enjoying

It's a great watch and my kid is surely enjoying it.

Louise S.

This little device has revolutionised our lives!
We've had it about 3 weeks now with no issues