Child Profile: Now available on the AllMyTribe app

Child Profile: Now available on the AllMyTribe app

The AllMyTribe team are bringing new features and improvements to our platform. Today, we have another update for you - Child Profile.

Child Profile

We’ve made keeping track of your child through the AllMyTribe app more personal than ever. Now, you can add a picture of your child to appear on the AllMyTribe map screens and elsewhere.

If you have more than one Spacetalk, your children are no longer just coloured markers on the overview map. Look for their picture instead, and tap it to navigate to their section in the app.


Child Profile is available from version 3.10 of the AllMyTribe smartphone app. There is no watch-side software update for this feature; just update AllMyTribe on your iPhone (through the App Store) or Android phone (through the Google Play Store) and you are good to go.

Stability Improvements

We’ve also made improvements under the hood to several parts of the AllMyTribe app, to make your experience with our product smoother and more stable.

Tip of the Month

Imagine Violet is staying at a friend’s house. Did you know that you can use AllMyTribe to get driving directions to your child’s location? On the Location tab, tap the “…” icon at the top right of the screen, then select “Navigate to Violet” to start the navigation app on your phone.

If your partner is doing the pickup and he/she doesn’t have AllMyTribe, you can also send them Violet’s location in an SMS from the same menu.

Your suggestions and feedback are important to us so please keep sending them in. Stay tuned for more exciting new features and enhancements coming soon.