Optimising your SPACETALK

Optimising your SPACETALK

Optimising Your SPACETALK

Here's a list of our best tips to get the very best out of your SPACETALK.

Between the watch itself and the AllMyTribe app, you have great control over it's settings. Personalise them to suit your needs and preferences, or follow our tips to ensure you you're getting full use of our apps and the best performance for you.

Choosing the Best SIM Provider

Our watches are individually tuned to work on specific networks, so it’s really important to select the right SIM card provider to make sure you’re not only connected with the wearer, but experience has shown using an incorrect SIM card can have a dramatic effect on battery power consumption.

For a list of recommended providers or resellers, please identify the correct model number on the back plate of your watch, and then choose a SIM provider as outlined below.

SPACETALK IF-W515C         

Telstra, Belong, ALDIMobile, Woolworths Mobile, Lyca, Tangerine, Pennytel, Better Life Mobile, Boost Mobile, Spark NZ


Vodafone, Optus, Kogan, amaysim, gotalk, Hello Mobile, Lebara, Reward Mobile, TransACT, TPG 


Telstra, Belong, ALDIMobile, Woolworths Mobile, Lyca, Tangerine, Pennytel, Better Life Mobile, Boost Mobile, Spark NZ 


Location Updates

The frequency of location updates is one of the main factors that impact battery life. We recommend choosing either the 1 hour location update or disabling updates completely. The Location on Demand feature can be used in the app to see the wearers location on an adhoc basis. To adjust this setting, open your AllMyTribe app and select Settings > Location Updates. From here you may select from a list of update intervals ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour, or alternatively disable these updates completely.

To request a location update in real-time, select the Location tab in the app, tap on the radar icon (top-right) and the map pin will update in a few moments!

Display Brightness

The brightness level of the display will have a small effect on battery performance. We recommend lowering the display brightness on the watch to an acceptable level and this will help to prolong the battery life.

Lift to Wake

Constant waking of the device to display the time will also have an effect on battery life. If battery life is causing a concern try turning off the Lift to Wake in the settings menu of the watch and monitor for any improvements over a few days.

Charging the Battery

Your watch is a mini mobile phone and as with a regular smartphone, we recommend recharging each night to ensure it's ready to go in the morning. Don't worry, it's safe to leave the watch unattended on the charger as the battery cannot overcharge.

You may also set a charge reminder in the app which will remind you at a specified time, or set up a reminder on your watch which to remind the wearer to put it on charge!

Having problems or require further support?

If you are experiencing any difficulties or require any further support or Customer Support team are always happy to assist.  Our support team can be contacted on AU 1300 087 423 or NZ 0800 087 423, or via email at support@spacetalkwatch.com. Our team are always happy to assist!


Customer Reviews

Based on 547 reviews
Life changing

Love it, my son is autistic and just started high school. The space talk watch is perfect for me to find him after school with the tracker and that he can call me if he gets into a panic. Would love it to be water proof then it would be perfect.

About as expected

From reading all the comments and reviews it’s as I expected, battery life is not great but once at school and you have it on school times blocked then the battery is fine.
We love the fact we can keep in contact but not having to have a phone for a 9 year old.
I would definitely recommend it and have to others.
If it was waterproof it would be perfect.

Daughter loves the watch

It’s great for my daughter who’s school age and not quite ready for a phone however the battery life is not the best.

Happy, Happy, Happy

Extremely happy we purchased the watch for our daughter. Good piece of mind knowing she is able to contact us.

Great watch For kids

It has been great to using Spacetalk. Love the watch just talk and text no internet for my 9years old daughter.
Very simple. Does great job!