Cyber Security Expert Gives Spacetalk Kids GPS Smartwatch Security Clearance

Cyber Security Expert Gives Spacetalk Kids GPS Smartwatch Security Clearance

Over the weekend, Australian media carried the kind of report which becomes a watershed moment for a company the size of MGM Wireless.

Last month under our AllMyTribe brand we launched a truly sensational children's all-in-one wearable smartwatch and phone. The product, Spacetalk, is a GPS, Smartwatch and Phone locator marketed for children’s safety. The culmination of years of research and development by our company, starting with the germ of an idea that parents would like to know where their kids are, what they are up to and be able to contact them.  It is the perfect product for today's busy modern families.

The idea grew out of the work we have been doing successfully for Australian schools for more than 15 years, essentially providing a system for monitoring school attendance and alerting parents if kids didn’t make it to school. It’s a simple idea but one that needs to have ironclad security in terms of data protection and communications.

The media carried a call to ban smartwatches for children. That’s a harsh and simplistic call, which doesn’t take into account the secure environment and platforms that MGM has developed for Spacetalk, using our years of experience delivering on the highest data security for school data.

Dr Matthew Sorell from Adelaide University, an authoritative leader in cyber security and privacy, has conducted a review of our AllMyTribe platform and Spacetalk and concluded in a preliminary report that it meets all Australian privacy and security requirements and no series technical flaws were evident.

Dr Sorell's preliminary report and findings were released on Monday 27th November 2017 and can be downloaded from this link.

MGM Wireless, where I am proud to be executive chairman and a major shareholder, is highly confident about the security and efficacy of our Spacetalk watches.


Customer Reviews

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Life changing

Love it, my son is autistic and just started high school. The space talk watch is perfect for me to find him after school with the tracker and that he can call me if he gets into a panic. Would love it to be water proof then it would be perfect.

About as expected

From reading all the comments and reviews it’s as I expected, battery life is not great but once at school and you have it on school times blocked then the battery is fine.
We love the fact we can keep in contact but not having to have a phone for a 9 year old.
I would definitely recommend it and have to others.
If it was waterproof it would be perfect.

Daughter loves the watch

It’s great for my daughter who’s school age and not quite ready for a phone however the battery life is not the best.

Happy, Happy, Happy

Extremely happy we purchased the watch for our daughter. Good piece of mind knowing she is able to contact us.

Great watch For kids

It has been great to using Spacetalk. Love the watch just talk and text no internet for my 9years old daughter.
Very simple. Does great job!