SPACETALK Life Safety Call Back

SPACETALK Life Safety Call Back

For added peace of mind, we have included a Safety Callback feature that allows for hands-free answering during emergencies.

This is how it works. If you are worried about your mum, and you haven’t heard from her in a while, you can request via your AllMyTribe app that her watch automatically dials you. She will receive an alert letting her know that the phone is dialling you, and has the option to cancel it. But, if she is unable to decline because of an emergency, you can speak to her directly through a secure listening channel and find out how she’s doing.  

The second way is you’ve tried calling your grandpa three times within five minutes. He hasn’t answered or declined your calls in this time. SPACETALK Life will, again initiate a call from grandpa’s watch to you, and unless he cancels the alert, you will be able to speak to him securely, and check that he’s okay.

With these features, we believe we have reached a perfect balance between respect for seniors’ privacy and autonomy, and their safety and well-being.  We’ve made sure that you can always stay connected, even if an emergency situation prevents your loved one from being able to physically answer your call.      

Customer Reviews

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Great Watch Safe and sound

Great product to keep kids connected while giving them independence, love it easy to set up easy to use for Mr 9 year old .Also unable to connect to the web or be contacted by anyone not in the contact list are fantastic features.

Great tracking and communication device

Easy and practical device to use that is extremely useful and appropriate for kids.


Thank you my daughter loves it n I'm less stressed on her safety


It is a very good device, i have peace of mind d knowing where my child is.

Awesome -Expect to pay a little bit extra

Awesome watch. Son loves it.
Don’t forget to include the sim cost and the app purchase for tracking. So an extra $30 a month for the use.