Why Spacetalk uses Telstra's 3G Network

Why Spacetalk uses Telstra's 3G Network

At AllMyTribe, we care about the quality and performance of our products.  We want you and your child to be connected all of the time, not some of the time. That is why we chose the Telstra network, which covers 99.3% of the Australian population. 

Spacetalk™ is the only children’s smart-watch currently available in Australia that is guaranteed to work with Telstra’s Australia-wide 3G network coverage.  We have specifically designed Spacetalk to operate on both 850Mhz and 2100Mhz 3G mobile frequency bands. This is vital for providing reliable coverage, especially outside major metropolitan areas.

Other products in this category will work unreliably with patchy network coverage. These imported products operate on 2G and also have limited 3G capability. They typically have only one 3G band (2100Mhz) that can be used here in Australia.  All Australian network operators have built 3G networks that support two bands to provide coverage and capacity.  The low band is typically used for coverage, while the high band is used for capacity.

As this technology is intended for safety and security of your child, you need to ensure the device will work reliably when needed.

We extensively tested Spacetalk in field trials across Australia and even travelled to known Telstra black-spots.  We were elated when the performance of Spacetalk’s 3G mobile reception and call capability was on par, and in some cases better than, a standard mobile phone.

Telstra’s NextG network provides the most extensive coverage throughout Australia.  There are many resellers of the Telstra network so you may select a SIM card appropriate to your needs. You can check the coverage in your local area by performing an address search here.

Telstra Coverage Map


Customer Reviews

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Great Watch Safe and sound

Great product to keep kids connected while giving them independence, love it easy to set up easy to use for Mr 9 year old .Also unable to connect to the web or be contacted by anyone not in the contact list are fantastic features.

Great tracking and communication device

Easy and practical device to use that is extremely useful and appropriate for kids.


Thank you my daughter loves it n I'm less stressed on her safety


It is a very good device, i have peace of mind d knowing where my child is.

Awesome -Expect to pay a little bit extra

Awesome watch. Son loves it.
Don’t forget to include the sim cost and the app purchase for tracking. So an extra $30 a month for the use.