Sheer joy when my niece opened her new Spacetalk

Sheer joy when my niece opened her new Spacetalk

Developing a product like Spacetalk is a lot of hard work. It's very rewarding when we receive customer feedback like the story below. The customer presented the device to their eight year old niece, who fell in love with the product straight away.


"You can never replace the look of joy on a child’s face when they open a present that really appeals to them.

Such was the look I saw when I presented the beautiful red Spacetalk watch to my 8 year old niece. She was a big girl now who had her own watch. And what’s more, it was a watch that could do lots of cool things like receive texts from Mum and, best of all, make a phone call while on her wrist.

She was certainly a very happy girl, but her mother was also happy as it potentially opens up the possibility of giving her two daughters – she has a 10 year old sister - a little bit more freedom.

It’s the old question of when is the right time to loosen the apron strings and give kids the freedom to walk to the shops, ride the bike to school or just hang out in the local park. Nobody wants to be seen as the helicopter parent, but these days life is not that simple.

Spacetalk gives my sister the great comfort, as a mother, of knowing her kids are just a phone call away or a text message away. The family locator gives her the re-assurance that she knows where her youngster is. A mobile phone is so easily lost or misplaced. A cool and fashionable watch strapped to the wrist is a lot better and more functional.

For mum, the AllMyTribe app is also easy to use.

Those two little girls will be taking that first step to being a little bit more grown up…thanks to Spacetalk and thanks to AllMyTribe."

Customer Reviews

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Great Watch Safe and sound

Great product to keep kids connected while giving them independence, love it easy to set up easy to use for Mr 9 year old .Also unable to connect to the web or be contacted by anyone not in the contact list are fantastic features.

Great tracking and communication device

Easy and practical device to use that is extremely useful and appropriate for kids.


Thank you my daughter loves it n I'm less stressed on her safety


It is a very good device, i have peace of mind d knowing where my child is.

Awesome -Expect to pay a little bit extra

Awesome watch. Son loves it.
Don’t forget to include the sim cost and the app purchase for tracking. So an extra $30 a month for the use.