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I recently bought spacetalk for my 11 year old son. His words ”Love love love this” Our son is very active skating, surfing, riding, fishing. He had a old mobile but hated having to carry it separately so often it was left dead and not with him. This is absolutely perfect on his wrist, battery is very good, sound quality excellent for talking, texting is super simple and love the GPS. We went with boost and simple set up Fantastic coverage. I wish I had of stumbled across this 3 years ago. Love how there is no social media or games on it which he was never Interested in anyway. Awesome awesome invention, would highly recommend!
This is an awesome device and will be suitable for children to walk home have had a few problems but still good
I LOVE this product, my son is only 10 so a mobile was not an option and since my son had been bullied at school he developed anxiety which meant if u was even 1 minute late for school pick up he would worry UNTIL he received his spacewalk watch, he feels so secure, and safe knowing we can contact each other and that if there is ever a problem he can press the SOS button and it calls both me then his dad ASAP. I’m amazed at how many features it does have like ringtone, wallpaper which of course is fortnite ) the reward chart is brilliant , and my son loves that he can check the weather himself. I also love that it is not bulky as my son has tiny wrists so it was the perfect size. Thank you for creating a product that helps kids feel safe, and parents reassured, it honestly makes the world of difference.
My daughter accidentally included her Spacetalk watch in the washing load and we discovered this after the wash. After opening the watch and leaving it to dry for a day we started it up again and amazingly was as good as new! Very impressive. Otherwise also only have good things to say about the product. LC
I purchased the watch for my son's 9th birthday a month ago and we could not be happier. We were adamant about him not having a phone but wanted a device where he could contact me when he's at his dad's and he could contact his dad when he's with me. This watch has so many great features, but we particularly like the GPS locator and the ability to tailor the text messages. We are on a $10 per month Belong plan which allows unlimited calls and texts. Perfect! The watch gives us peace of mind that he can contact us whenever wants or needs to. You're awesome All My Tribe!
My son has been using one for about 2 months now, he loves it + it's great peace of mind for me. Highly recommend!
We may have your oldest customer. I bought one of your watches for my Father-In-Law (he’s almost 80). He would never carry a phone but sometimes needed one. Now we can always call him and he can call the few people he needs to when he’s out and about. It’s very convenient and WAY cheaper than the alternatives.
This is a seriously good product - well done.
We have one for our son and its fantastic. We didn't want to give him a phone so he couldn't play games, or loose it. This enables us to make contact at school pick up times.
We all love the new messaging feature on the spacetalk watch allowing our kids the freedom to contact us anytime. Goodnight and I love you messages when we are out is truly special.
We purchased the spacetalk watch for our 11 year old we all love it. Excellent value for money for the peace of mind it brings. It alerts us when he’s left school grounds when it gets switched on and off and cannot receive calls or messages from unauthorized numbers. The no access to apps games social media internet was a massive plus and the reason why we purchased spacetalk. Reception quality with calls is excellent and location tracking great! Great customer service we received it within 24 hours of ordering! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to avoid the need for a phone for kids too soon!
Brooke Calo
My 9 & 7 year old have these, they and I love them. I think Grandma even liked the adhoc phone calls too????
This is a sensational product- purchased one for my 8 year old son, GPS is 100% accurate- the calls are crystal clear- the watch itself excellent quality & the customer service is absolutely sensational. Would recommend this watch to everyone.
Santa brought 2 of these watches for Christmas. I can’t tell you how good it feels to know I can contact my girls at any time. We used to have an old mobile phone to use when I ducked out for 10 minutes. That was ok but the feeling I have now is 100% confidence. If anything happens the watch is on them. They don’t have to go and find the mobile. We went for a bike ride the other day and my daughter went out of site, riding too fast. I called her right away and she stopped and waited. It does give children independence and I love that there’s zero games, social media. Just the important stuff. I wish I had thought of this invention. Thanks space talk.
Carolyn Elliott
What a quick fix. Our son lost part of his wristband while playing sports. A quick note to the Support team, and Jordan ( well done mate) from the ST had it sent over within 5 days. What a quick turn around. Everything else was an easy fix and our boy is back on "track". Thank you
Gunnar Mueller
The Spacetalk is brilliant. It has given my 8 year old son access to his parents and other select people, when and where he needs - especially during his shared care staying at either parents home. He is no longer left on his own if he misses the school bus or decides to run off at the shops for example. As a tech-head with a keen interest in modern gadgets and automation, this device is very well put together with some great software features. Brilliant and easy operation with everything essential covered. Highly recommended !! Great job Spacetalk !!! ...... and thank you for creating it.
We’ve just set up our 8yr old son’s Spacetalk watch using the ‘Quickstart Guide’. We purchased a $99 Aldi 1Yr super pack (unlimited calls, SMS, MMS and nano sim) and along with our $5.99 alltribe subscpition and presto our son was connected. This device is the answer to every parent thinking their child / ren need a phone (and all the associated social media issues, NOT!). As a teacher, I’m advocating for parents to look at this device for the many useful applications it offers. Thank you for what I believe is a simply extraordinary invention. Cathie
My father has dementia and lives at home with my mother. We were looking for something that didn't look like a "Care" watch, but that would allow us to keep track of him if he did wander, and allows basic functionality. I am more than impressed, this watch allows him to answer calls in a very simple way (automatically answers if he lifted his arm to check what the vibration was), and we can choose a very plain background digital clock (which also has a date!). He isn't able to independently make a call or use SOS as his dementia is quite advanced, but I imagine that this basic function would be easily used by people who are less effected. I set up the app on my phone and my mothers, so we both receive an alert if he's left the "safe zone" of the house when mum's gone out. It also allows us to see how much he has moved around in the day, with the step counter. I love that the vibration alert brings his attention to calls and allows him to respond. I am an Occupational Therapist and will be recommending this watch to others who are looking for a simple device that allows calls, limits other functions, and is wearable. We are currently trying to find a cheaper pre-paid SIM with data than is offered by Telstra ($30 a month that expires is quite high but I understand Aldi may offer a cheaper alternative under Telstra). Still looking into this, so looking at a max cost (after payment of the watch) of $36 per month which includes the app cost. Still not too bad for increased peace of mind. Just make sure it's taken off for showers (perfect time to charge it).
Sharon H
I decided to purchase one of these watches for my sons 10th birthday, we don't believe he is old enough to have a phone but this is a fabulous compromise. I love being able to contact him and he be able to contact me if he needs too but knowing he can't have the access to all that a phone offers these days was perfect for us. It was so easy to set up, it's so easy to use. I love how it offers digital and analogue time. Seriously amazing and well worth the money!!! Congratulations to the creators of these!
My son loves his. He calls it his safe watch :-)
I bought one for my daughter at it works perfectly fine. I was also concerned about buying something so expensive online but I could only find good reviews of this watch so I took the chance and I'm glad that I did.
We have one for our son and its fantastic. We didn't want to give him a phone so he couldn't play games, or loose it. This enables us to make contact at school pick up times .
Purchased the Spacewatch for my son and it has been great! He previously had a phone which gets misplaced or dropped and screen cracks. The Spacewatch is fantastic as he always has it on including when he is out and about shooting hoops or kicking the footy! Would certainly love a feature of live updates, however I can send him a text to send me his location instead of waiting for the default interval. The only issue so far is the battery life. We charge overnight and it is put on school mode between 8:45-3:30pm (messages and calls deactivated during this time) and location updated every hour. Will find that battery % will be around 60% after school but will go flat within the hour. Once it goes flat, can contact my son and being kids - they don’t always necessarily think to put straight on the charger! I have addressed issue with All My Tribe and Robert has been great. We were sent a new adapter for the charger to trial and he has called to follow up to see if any improvements. Has slightly improved. Will keep an eye out though. All in all however, it’s a fantastic product and happy with the customer service. Would definitely recommend!
I just want to say how amazing the service from the spacetalk team is. The watch arrived promptly after the initial order with the express post offer. Due to an unforseen delay with the postal service which was out of the control of spacetalk the watch was a day later than expected for my sons birthday. The company where genuine in their understanding and went to great lengths to ensure everything else ran smoothly. The watch is amazing! My son loves it and id like to extend a special thanks to Paul for his professional and regular updates whilst the watch was tracked throughout delivery. Based on the service spacetalk provides im possitive the best is yet to come.
Steve Warner
From what I observed after buying the watch in its first week of release that they had a scratchy start. App was limited in functionality and the watch was unreliable. Just by the software updates on both app and watch (firmware), they improved the usability multifolds. On many occasions, Dev team manager contacted me directly to obtain feedback and then in promised timeframe, implemented all of them. I have no hesitation in recommending AllMyTribe to parents and children wanting to use a reliable Aussie smart watch with tracking and calling ability. If any issues, contact their support team, they are very responsive and capable.
The phone watches have been such a great purchase for our 12 and 15 year old children. It makes accessing them easy and it fills you with confidence knowing that they can contact them at any time.
The Spacetalk Watch has been one of the best purchases we have made. It has given our son the confidence to ride to and from school by himself. He will text as he is leaving and we can follow his progress on the AllMyTribe App. He knows he can call us on the way if needed, which he usually does anyway to tell us about a dog he just rode past or something else that he finds interesting! He is enjoying his new found independence and we are grateful that such a great product is available! Thanks Spacetalk!
Tanya Stanton
We love this watch for our kids but would be great product for their grandparents. Maybe you could branch out into new markets. The current products for emergency use for the elderly are all dreadful. This would be way better!
Kathryn Matthews
We love Spacetalk! Our 12yr old son had his for a while and we offered him a mobile, his response was no! He loves having the convenience of his “phone” always on his wrist. I love that I can always communicate with him. It’s given him independence, and us peace of mind. It’s almost perfect, would just love it to be waterproof. Otherwise, we highly recommend the spacetalk. We will get them for our younger children as they come of age. Thank you for such a great invention!
I purchased the Space Talk for my 11 year old daughter. Best purchase ever! So good to be able to support a Fantastic Product that it Australian owned and operated. The customer service is the best I've ever experienced. They went above and beyond for us. Am amazing product that is so well built and easily used. Thank you, i cant recommend this product highy enough.
Lara Noske
The best investment we have made for our son. A direct line of contact to give you peace of mind for both child and parent. It's going on 12months now with zero issues. Would be awesome to one day have a waterproof version.
We love our new Spacetalk...great peace of mind as a working mum, thank you!!!
Bought one 6 months ago for my 5 year old son. BEST tracker watch on the market for kids with brilliant support. Buy one. I can't praise this watch or company enough!
Great watch. My daughter is 9 and we got her blue one couple weeks ago. I was surprised with quality and how loud and clear voice is during a “phone” conversation. Another good thing is that kids can call or receive calls, just from number that parent prerecord in phone, it’s same with messaging . You have to use Allmytribe application for phone settings, gps tracking and everything else and that is also payable monthly but amount is not that much. Considering a size of the phone, is pretty accurate in gps location. Highly recommend for any one that wants extra peace of mind regarding child safety and easy communication. Also, it’s possible to buy on Afterpay, so you don’t have to pay everything in one hit.
I have one for my son. It is amazing ! The customer service is excellent always very happy to help. I love that you can nominate numbers and only those numbers can ring the phone and he can only ring those nominated family numbers. There is a SOS number that if he needs help he presses that number and it will call the numbers that have been programmed until someone answers. My son loves the fact that his steps are counted too!!!We are so happy with it!
Being able to communicate, get an idea where my guy is and get notified if he leaves a set location between times (as we choose, using only for school at the moment) - this is handy. He enjoys being able to use set replies to messages and check his step count too. There's a subscription fee handled through the app store (on Android) on-top of the phone subscription. With the ALDI Pay As You Go (PAYG) deal, this becomes very affordable (don't get stuck paying monthly on whatever phone contact if the watch only has limited calls, messages and data - ALDI's PAYG deal seems great with this.
Purchased these for my 6 and 8 year old to give me peace of mind when they catch the bus to and from school. Worth every cent and with an 11 month old and new baby on the way very soon, it allows me to time when to leave home if their bus is running late etc. Rather than sit waiting in a car for a long period. Best buy ever!!
Lara Jane Senivudi
I am so glad my daughter, who is 12, has Spacetalk. Phone is now banned so no more time wasting narcissistic apps. We can communicate with her and know she's safe which is the reason your kids have a phone. We love this product.
The Spacetalk Watch is a Great Invention BUT the 3G Network is Useless we live in a Second Largest City in QLD ie Logan and the Watch wont work at home and at a lot of other Locations around Logan So Before you Buy Check the Network Coverage !
Owen Parkinson
The title is very fitting for this watch and the best thing to come out for our children in a looong time. Safe watch is correct, GPS monitoring, school mode & many many more. Myself and son LOVE it. If i had another child id be buying another one!!!! Wouldn't hesitate at all to buy one. Great gifts as well.
Daphne Murray
Just wanted to say a big thanks to AllMyTribes team. This product is excellent! Dedication to quality, and thought into security and design for kids hasn’t gone unnoticed. My kids love it, and wow the joy it has brought to us as parents and grandparents. Kudos!!
Purchased two, one for my grandson 8 and one for my daughter 10. I’m a single dad and travel a lot so when I’m away I can call her and check her location anytime. Even after school she’s out and about playing basketball & riding her bike. I now know where she is when I check her location manually or wait for the set location timer. I like the safe zone and home setting. Let’s me know if she has gone out of the safe radius I’ve set at 1km from home. Great value, great product. Have recommended to others.
Tyson M
This watch has been such a wonderful stepping stone in allowing more independence whilst staying safe. Being able to message my son to update him on school pick ups, as well as being able to call him or him us- has been peace of mind for us all. The app works well, only thing that could improve would be battery life- but this has not stopped its daily function for our needs! I would highly recommend this product to all parents!
Meiling Day
Such a brilliant product! Your support team is fantastic, and we’ve become so dependent on being able to contact with our 9 year old.
My 7 yr old son has had his for two weeks. We love it, it has given him confidence to be a bit more independent and I am able to relax a little. So easy to use and accurate. It is fantastic that you can disable the talk and text function whilst at school so I know he won’t get into trouble for using it or waste the battery. Excellent product.
Got ours and LOVE them - best thing ever !!!!
I've used the watch with my 9 year old for almost 6 months and absolutely love it. It has always given my peace of mind no matter where he goes, and him too. Today, I received an SMS from him saying "I love you!". He was with his dad today, so receiving this message from him unexpectedly was such a moment. I still get goosebumps thinking about it! (and I still struggle on the days my children are with their father....separation blah! :() So, a huge thank you to the team at All My Tribe for Spacetalk and the most recent addition of "kids messages". You are not only giving me a layer of security but you also allow my gorgeous 9 year old to send me unexpected "I love you's" just cause he can. My sincerest thanks. I'm sure his dad will appreciate receiving them when he's with me also.
Bought this phone to test out and free myself from my mobile phone. One of the best little gadgets on the market for performing this function even though it is a kids watch, Looking at introducing this watch to security of elderly folk. I give this watch a 10 out of 10 for individual security, quality of build, functionality and value for money.
Charles Morphy
I have been looking for a simple to use phone for my 90 year old Dad. Standard mobile phone have so many unnecessary functions for what we needed. He has been using his Spacetalk for several days, and loves it. Great for kids, but good for older folk too. Love it!
Dianne Oliver
Can't get over how honest you were in refunding my extra payment as I had not seen this special. Best purchase, and great company!
Ra Gee