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Fantastic product

What a great solution for parents wanting the security of knowing where their child is and that they are contactable! Great product and alternative for people not wanting to give their children phones with the other risks involved. A great assett for our family. We will definately be getting more in the future for our other children!

Upgraded from Kids Spacetalk

This is my daughters 3rd Spacetalk. I upgraded her from the Kids Spacetalk to the Life simply because the strap system is so much easier for her to manage with her special needs, ie. dexterity. It gives her more independence to use the click and release clasp which means she can take it off her wrist and be responsible for putting on charge and putting it on in the morning. The fall detection feature is also a positive in our situation. She loves it and we love the peace of mind of the features and safety function of Spacetalk.

Christmas present

Brought this watch for my 5 year old daughter for a Christmas present can't wait to give it to her


After we had a failed experience with a competitor watch this has been a relief…
Reliable and my daughter loves being a lie to contact me when needed.
Thankyou space talk

Awesome watch

We received the watch with instructions very promptly. Set up initially was a bit of a challenge but due to Telstra not activating the SIM. When we called to get assistance we were helped an awesome man who walked me through the process. Now we have a way of safeguarding our Dad (80) should he fall. The system works really well. We’ve tested already. I’m so impressed with the watch and remarkably Dad seems to be able to use it fine. We set the app up on mums mobile. So all the contacts are there for dad if we want to add them. Super product. So happy with it. Much cheaper than an Apple Watch and does all the things we need. Plus it looks like a watch which means Dad doesn’t feel silly wearing it. Like a device around the neck.

Very good customer service. Thank you very much for your help with fixing the watches (our fault) promptly!

Amazing Bundle Package

Love the bundle package. As the stand make charging the Spacetalk easier, New Band is awesome to interchange depending on what vibe they want for the day and the screen protectors r amazingly easy to apply. CNt recommend highly enough the watch for its features and also the ease of use for the child and parent!

Great watch

My son actually love his watch because he according to him he can call me anytimr and message me anytime.

Overall a good product with 'space' for some improvement

We bought this space watch after being disappointed with another kids tracker watch due to that products customer service & lack of info about the product updates needed/how it works info etc.

The space watch is good at calling out (as my daughter has practiced more than required!) and the volume on the watch is just about ok for conversations but it could really do with one or two more noise level increases to make it easier to hear in busy situations, especially for the incoming calling alert sound. I like that the contacts list can have pictures alongside the names of the contacts (these show in the watch screen) to make it easier for younger kids to find who they want to call.

The SOS calling button is a bit under developed I feel, as it can be easily pressed when trying to do other things on the screen. It would have been better if it was something that didn't go off accidentally so easily, maybe a button you have to press in on the side of the watch would be an improvement? The SOS option will call a set list of contacts until someone answers but I'm not sure if it will stop calling out if it goes to an answerphone if it deems that answered?

The tracking function seems accurate so far but it could be improved by reducing the safe zone to less than 140m diameter from the safe point you program in to the app.

The app is easy enough to use and the customer service is really good, they've answered the phone pretty quickly whenever I've called. The watch itself is quite chunky and there are a lot of app options in the watch for the wearer to use, which I feel is a couple too many for the main functions of the watch. Because if the amount of 'stuff' they've put in to the watch it does mean the writing is quite small and pressing the right area on the watch can be fiddly. The messaging function has programmable preset words or sentences you can pick from or you can write your own with a querty keyboard - this is split though so switching between two screens to complete a sentence is too much to bother with normally.

I only bought this because the previous one I bought didn't have a reliable customer service and wasn't as user friendly for understanding how to make it work safely and more reliably. I feel the price of the space watch is too high for the user experience but it's the better option at the present time so I just felt I had to suck it up. I hope improvements are made but the main function this watch serves me is to help keep track of my daughter in events situations and summer clubs where I'm not always with her.

Get One !

We have had Spacetalk in our family for just over 4 years, and we don't know what we did without it. It gives our boys' the extra freedom and security to be free range kids, and gives parents 100% peace of mind. We love the safe zones and school mode, our boy's love that they can message each other, or us, when ever they need to. We haven't got one negative thought on these great watches.

Best GPS Watch we have found.

We have tried moochies, and nut tag, along with others. This watch is hands down better, and Spacetalk has awesome repair support.

Great Watch

Great watch, perfect for primary school aged kids. It has a school mode feature which stops the child getting distracted with it during school hours. My son catches the bus home from school and if it is running late I can track him easily and make sure he isn’t in trouble.
We also use the alarm feature daily so he knows when to wake up and start getting ready for school.

Excellent way to keep in touch with son

This watch is excellent. We've been using it to give our 7 year old some freedom. He can call us when he arrives safely at friends houses. 10/10.

Peace of mind

Having the spacetalk was the best opinion to a phone with the risk of obtaining apps or websites that were unsafe and not appropriate. The connection of communication is there with just a message or call and the children can answer and be locate to where they are at all times. The adventure has the camera and that's a nice feature. We are all really happy with spacetalk, the features, safety factors and the appearance.

My daughter like this watch.

My 8 years old daughter very like this watch, easy to set up and very good customer service.

Nice watch and app

Nice all-round experience. The watch is sturdy and the touch interface works well. The app is well made and intuitive. Nice feature are the friendly reminders to charge the watch at night. A bit of a weak spot is the wrist band that is a bit hard to close and can pop open or break under heavy physical activity. Not sure whether that is a bug or a feature. Good quality all around.


Does the job! Tiny piece of mind in a big world.

Great smart watch

Great smart watch for my sons 7th Birthday. Has lots of good features but also enables me to only allow what I have ant to let him use . For example only able to call certain people.

He loves being able to watch his steps going up too, so good for fitness.

Has school mode so once he is older I might allow him to take it, but for now it’s a wkend/eve watch.

At first I thought it looked big in the box, but actually it’s a good size for him.


My son loves his space talk, didn't want a phone and tbh the screen would be smashed by now so this is the best solution.


We got my son this watch in January as an alternative to a phone and we are very impressed. Being able to contact each other either by text or call and being able to locate him at any time are great functions. We would highly recommend this watch.

useful but not easy to put on and off

This is new so my husband has not really utilised the SOS (luckily) or other features. The watch is functioning is good, and we knew it would be because our grandchildren have all worn spacetalk's to school and we have recommended to so many people. The only real problem with this watch is that it is very hard to put on, it involved holding down the rubber band while with the other hand clicking the watch into place, very difficult and we are both agile. I would imagine impossible for many old people and he has to take it off to charge it.

An excellent watch for every kid

Spacetalk Adventurer is really a nice watch , which works smartly and inform about kid's whereabouts which is a great thing in today's world. Especially if kid is coming from the school if we wanna pick him up some where he can communicate to us where exactly he is standing or located. Its just one of the features of so many.
Give flexibility to switch to school mode so that he won't get disturbed and also give the security features such as only known contacts can call him ( can avoid spam calls).
This watch doesn't have social media which is a good thing otherwise kids gonna waster their time on the watch just like any other smart phone. It's good step towards avoiding social media distraction from attending classes ( I hope this should continue, not to have any additional smart phone apps such as watspp, Facebook etc).

Great product love it

Great product and really puts my mind at ease, knowing where he is. Easy to use and having photos for contacts is a great feature. My son is autistic and likes to wonder on his own.

Overall very good

Our 10 year old is just starting to want more independence and this watch is perfect as it allows him to contact us or us to contact him easily and we can see his location on the map.
However the watch itself is too bulky, my son is one of the tallest/broadest children in his year and yet it is still a bit cumbersome for his arm.
Also we have had issues with sand/grit getting in to the sim card holder.
Having said that the features are great and our son is really happy with it.


Great watch for my daughter she loves it and so easy to usebthe app. The only fault I would have is the app only works with Google and as I have a Huawei phone isn't not possible to use so I need to use a different phone to keep track of her.