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Fall Detection

Spacetalk Life just got safer

With Fall Detection on your Spacetalk Life device, you’ll never be far from help if you experience a fall. It uses advanced technology to automatically detect if you’ve taken a fall and checks if you’re OK.

This feature is available right now for all Spacetalk Life customers via a free over-the-air update* to your device and App.

Spacetalk life device with screen showing fall detected alert

How does it work?


Once a fall has been detected, your device will vibrate, sound an alarm and display an alert for 30 seconds. If you’re OK, simply press to cancel the alarm.


If you don’t respond in time, an alert is sent to your emergency contacts in sequential order, along with your precise location.


If none of your contacts respond, emergency services (000) will then be contacted.


Your device then displays your Medical ID on the watch face, so emergency responders can see your relevant medical details at a glance

Watch our video for more information

Medical ID

In addition to Fall Detection, this update also includes Medical ID, a safety feature that gives emergency responders the critical information they need — like your medical, allergy and other relevant information. In situations where seconds count, this important feature is potentially life-saving.

Spacetalk Life device with display showing it can display emdical information to first responders

How to install Fall Detection

The easiest way to enable this feature is to update your Spacetalk App* via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, then make sure your Spacetalk Life device is switched on and charging overnight to ensure the update installs automatically.

Manual Installation

If you can’t wait to try out this new feature, you can do a manual upgrade from your watch or Spacetalk App:


 On your watch:

Go to the Settings menu and tap ‘Watch Update’. Then select ‘Check for Updates’ to install the latest update.

4 watches showing 4 steps of updating the watch


On the Spacetalk App

Go to Settings > General > Advanced settings > Software update. Then tap ‘Install now’





Setting up Fall Detection

Once everything has updated, you can adjust your setting for Fall Detection and Medical ID using the Spacetalk App. You’ll find them under Settings > General > Safety.

Image of phone app screen depicting fall detection setup

Need more help?

If you require further assistance setting up your device, get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

*Downloading of updates consumes mobile network data and may result in additional charges.

** Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australian Government, Injury in Australia: Falls - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (

 *** Spacetalk is a consumer general wellness device, not a certified medical device. Spacetalk Life Fall Detection does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their SOS button when they need assistance. Spacetalk is not intended to replace a caregiver or medical attention for an individual dealing with health issues. The information provided in this Website or the Spacetalk mobile application is not a substitute for obtaining proper medical or other professional care or services. You should seek independent advice from a medical professional.

Customer Reviews

Based on 618 reviews
Gayan R.
The best way to keep in touch with your little once..👍😀

One of the best things that I purchase for my 8 year old son is this GPS smart watch.
It's hard him to have a mobile phone to take school and classes. Mobile phone would be difficult to use and very easy to loose for this age.
Since he got Spacetalk watch, I can contact him when I needed and track with GPS his locations.
Now I'm much more peaceful than ever as I can contact my son when he is out of the home.
And he also loving it !! 😍😎


Love it great to keep in touch with my 11 year old if running late after school or she has scooted.

Peace of Mind

Excellent for my child, we always know where she is, and she can contact us anytime. And only used a $10 per month Sim card.

My daughter loves it!

Great gadget! Easy for her to use and I able to check her location while travelling and what part of the school where she is.

Kelly R.
love the watch

we love that my little one can play and call me when needed that we can see where he is at all times it has given him confidence and takes away the stress the alarm feature helps remind him its time to come and when to do daily tasks he has his older siblings mum and dad programed in and can call us all at any time its afordable and he loves tracking his steps his only wish is that he wishes he could wear it swimming so maybe down the track they will have updated version with this feature for active kids i have recomended it to many mums in my life and online forums i am a part of