Stay Connected - Spacetalk Adventurer only $279 & Spacetalk Kids only $179!

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for $24.30 per month.

Available at selected Vodafone stores
*T&Cs apply


We’re excited to announce that SPACETALK is now available through Vodafone on a month to month plan.

Keep your family connected with Spacetalk for $22.90 per month

Available at selected Vodafone stores
*T&Cs apply


Great news for Vodafone customers: Spacetalk is available on a month to month plan.

Buy Spacetalk Kids, the simply safer phone for kids from $22.90* per month over 36 months (includes monthly device cost + $10 Vodafone Red Wearable Plan + $5.99/month Spacetalk App subscription). The $10 Red Wearable plan includes 1GB of data for use in Australia, unlimited standard national calls & texts.


Feel more connected to your kids

Your busy life wonʼt keep you from your kids. With a phone on their watch, you’re always just a phone call (or message) away. Highly accurate GPS location on demand keeps you in the loop and in emergencies, your kid can send you an SOS alert if they’re in trouble.

Connect your child’s device with a SIM card and control what they see with the Spacetalk App. Plus with parent-approved features like Safe Contacts, School Mode and no open access to the internet or social media, it’s a simply safer first phone for kids aged 5 to 12.





Location on

No Social


Contact List

Most Others
Reliable mobile phone coverage across Australia & New Zealand
Mobile antenna placement maximises mobile reception
(outside housing)

(inside housing)
High Accuracy Location Technology with licensed Google Maps™
Scratch resistant glass touch screen
(plastic screen)
High quality painted gloss finish
(moulded plastic finish)
Complies with Australian telecommunications network requirements
Tested and certified to Australian standards and safe for kids
(ACMA supplier number E6254)
Your family's data securely stored in Australia Australia Overseas
Data protected by Australian privacy and security laws
Spacetalk App 100% developed in Australia Australia Overseas

Australian designed,
safe and secure

Winner of the 2019 Good Design Award, awarded Gold in the Consumer Electronics category, Spacetalk Kids has been designed to help families connect safely and securely.

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* Due to Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria, some Melbourne metropolitan stores are operating under a limited capacity.
We recommend that you contact the store before visiting.

Terms and conditions

*$22.90/mth includes monthly device repayment plan over 36 months (RRP $229), a $10/mth Red Wearable Month to Month Plan from Vodafone and a $5.99/mth subscription for the Spacetalk app available through the Google Play and Apple App Store. Min cost of $249 over 36 months.

Device available in selected Vodafone stores on a Mobile Payment Plan. Visit a Vodafone store near you to find out more. T&Cs apply.


Customer Reviews

Based on 638 reviews
Dianne S.
Taj's security for Nanna

I purchased the watch for my grandson Taj he wanted one for a while ,also his safety so i know where he is at all times he loves it , I let him go riding with his friend the day he got it, he got too hot and took it off and put it on a seat at the park ,talking to his little friend he rode off and forgot it at the park. We went back looking EVERYWHERE for 40mins but someone picked it up, I put a plea on our local page but nothing. Anyway it was a lovely watch. I'll save for Christmas for another one.


Having experienced poor call quality with top brand phone watches, I didn't have high expectations with a device at this price point. To my surprise, the call quality of the Spacetalk was as clear and crisp as a normal phone. The SMS and chat functions also work perfectly well but It would be good to have a full qwerty touch keyboard option, however there is a good voice message function.The GPS is sometimes very accurate and other times up to around 50 meters off. My child has complained about some skin irritation caused by the strap. It would be more comforting if the battery life was better, but with light to moderate use, it easily lasts the day.
The school doesn't allow any devices with camera capabilities, so the lack of that and games was very welcome.
The parent app has limited functionality, but works well and is sufficient.
This product delivers on its expectations and strikes a good balance of keeping track of your child while not being overly intrusive.

Sumera N.
Very nice watch

Very nice watch. My daughter loving it.

Space talk kids smart watch

Love the watch, keeps me and my grandson connected

Best Kids Watch

Fantastic little product for kids.
Will get it again